My Charity Change is the only round up charity application available in Australia. We are proud to let you know that 100% of all donations make it to the selected charities, with all contributions being tax deductable.

Not only do we make it easy to increase charitable contributions, we ensure charities can spend money where it counts!


No. My Charity Change does not save your credit card details.

For your security, we require that you contact the My Charity Change Team in order to unlock your account. Note that this will require the confirmation of some personal information.

The security of your information is our top priority. We follow industry standard security protocols (SSL) and use banking regulatory approved companies to process your transaction. These companies utilise state of the art encrypted technology to ensure your information is securely stored on their servers, not with My Charity Change. We take your trust seriously and will never disclose your banking information to anyone.

My Charity Change operates in the cloud and your account is safe even if you delete the app or get a new mobile device. Automatic round-ups and recurring deposits will still be processed even if the app is not installed. 

Round up donations are charged weekly. You will see a transaction as one charge by “My Charity Change” on your debit or credit card statement. 

Sure, you can close your account at any stage, contact [email protected] with your request and it will be processed within 7 days of notice.

My Impact

Yes, My Charity Change is the only charity application that donates the full amount to the desired charity. My Charity Change accepts the transaction fee for payment processing, meaning your full donation makes it to where it is most needed. Also, your donation to a charity through My Charity Change should be tax deductible, but please consult with your tax advisor. 

Yes. You are able to download a monthly receipt through the application. We will send you a receipt that reflects your contributions to your chosen charities.

We are always happy to involve new charities with our organisation. Please feel free to send through the name of the charity and any other relevant details to [email protected]

Yes. You are able to select up to 3 charities to donate to funds toward. Upon selection, the application will divide the charitable donations equally across your selected charity(s). You end of month tax receipt will clearly outline the contributions made to all charities.


My Charity Change is free to download through both Apple iTunes and Google Play stores.

We try to keep the process as simple as possible, at present, there can only be one card linked to an account. However, you could attach another debit/credit card to another unique email account. You are able to update and change credit cards through the application in 1 simple step.

Currently, My Charity Change is only available in Australia through both iPhone and Android platforms.

Charitable donations are made from rounding up on purchases made from your selected credit card. For example, if you spend $6.75 using your credit card then that $0.25 will be added to your account to donate to selected charities. We have a minimum donation of $2 a week.

That’s easy. You are able to set your maximum donation amount within the app. This ensures that you know how the most you will be donating, no surprises!